Huevos divorciados / Divorced Eggs with homemade salsas


Every time I order this dish I think to myself “I’m not married to any of the salsas” (no pun intended). My favorite salsa has always been green, but how can I fully commit to only one salsa during my breakfast? Luckily we have divorced eggs (Huevos divorciados).

It’s one of the easiest dishes to make when you have everything on hand. Eggs, tortillas and salsa. One egg with green and one with red salsa. Some beans on the side and you have a delicious meal. That’s it!

Eggs are cooked sunny side up or over-easy. When in México you need to ask for “Huevos fritos” (fried eggs) and they’ll bring you a sunny side up egg. We really don’t turn the eggs to make them over-easy, instead the egg would be swimming in some oil and the oil is poured over with a spoon on top of the egg…

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